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Panchakarma is a detoxifying process for the body with lasting effects on the body!   Pancha means five and Karma means action.  You will receive  an Abhyanga massage, Shirodhara treatment, swedana( sauna treatment), enemas, herbal compresses with heat or dry depending on Dosha and Kitchari will be served daily for food.
Kitchari is a blend of basmati rice and mung beans or lentils best for the dosha. It is all vegan made with coconut oil or if you prefer dairy ghee is an option for you as well which is clarified butter.  It is cooked with certain spices and vegetables that will be best for your vikruti and tastes like heaven topped with cilantro. This food is extremely nourishing and will be cooked by myself. Please advise me of any allergies or concerns you have regarding your diet.

I am extremely excited to walk through this journey with you into optimum health and vitality!!

I have a few packages available currently

Panchakarma (3 days) – $1,222.00

Panchakarma (7 days) – $2,888.00

Panchakarma (10 days) – $4,444.00
If you want only an individual service that is available to you as well.

Pulse Consult (30 mins): This will determine the Dosha of the body. The Dosha is the body type and will determine your Vikruti and Prakruti. This will explain what elements are mostly governing your body. – $55

Pulse Consult (60 mins): Going into all 7 dhatus feeling for the seven tissues of the body. They are plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone marrow, nerve and reproductive tissue. In Sanscrit these are rasa, rakta, mamsa, medas, asthi, majja, and shukra. They are the integral understanding to the relationship of the tissues of the body and they are sites that doshas enter when they cause disease. The understanding of the dhatus is important to grasp pathology and what goes wrong with the body. This will include a diet assesment and proper sadhana daily routine regiment. It will determine your Dosha and Ayurveda. This is your body type including your Prakruti (main body type) and Vikruti (imbalanced body type) will be determined. – $111.00

8 Week Ayurvedic Chakra Mentorship: This journey would include a Dosha assessment with a quiz and pulse reading if you are available in person. Then the following weeks we would go through each chakra.  The chakra system is 7 energy centers that go up the body and affect our mind, body and spiritual function.  We would cleanse it with chanting, yoga, crystals and an  auric meditation. You would meet every week with me for 90 min per week.  The Dosha will determine your body type and what you need to balance in your mind, body and spirit. You will cleanse out past trauma, energies that no longer serve you and feel like a new person at the end of the 8 weeks. It is a great gift to yourself if you want to grow spiritually and emotionally on levels you did not realize were possible!
This package will be $1,444 for the 8 weeks and payment plans are available as well! 

YOGA via zoom.

Monday 7pm

Thursday & Friday 9am

Sunday 4:20pm

Monthly package rate $222. Will include access to all classes per month. Plus 2 private 60 min classes with me.

Zoom link 387 004 2367
Passcode  beherenow

I offer Kundalini yoga and Tibetan heart yoga.
For group classes the cost is $25
for private classes $50 per hour


“ Ananda is a very gifted and highly intuitive bodyworker. I received a combination of Cranial Sacral therapy and massage, and my neck felt more relaxed and less painful afterwards. Most importantly, she’s a fantastic person, an empath and highly intelligent. She’s also an Ayurvedic medicine practitioner and offers multiple Ayurvedic services.
Ananda also has the gift for psychic and intuitive guidance; she was able to tune  into the way that a relationship may be creating more stress in my body. Since the treatment, I was able to make a sound and solid decision about changing a relationship status, and I feel much more relaxed as a result. I recommend her highly for bodywork, pain reduction, more mobility and intuitive guidance. You will not be disappointed!”  – Susie McLoughlin