About Me

Brook Ananda Sky

Aloha, my name is Brook Ananda Sky and I am a mother, sister, yogini, friend & colleague to many. As early as I can remember at age 6, I was able to feel empathy and was sensitive to energy. Throughout my childhood I loved art, yoga, flowers and herbs. By the time I was 14, I became a vegetarian and at 17 a vegan. By the age of 19 I got 1st degree Reiki trained and by 22 I got 2nd degree Reiki trained. I continued with yoga, holistic lifestyle and always felt the desire to travel. At age 22 I went to visit Israel for the first time. Then back to New Jersey and finally moved to Northern California. I’ve been residing in California mostly the last 12 years along with Oregon and Washington. I am a certified massage therapist in the state of California. I studied on Kauai, Hawaii and finished at Sierra Massage School in Clovis, CA. I got my Usui Reiki level 3 master training at age 39 and enjoy the practice very much! I studied at Kerala Academy in January 2016 and got Pancha Karma trained. I had the priviledge of studying with Dr. Vasant Ladd in July 2019 at the Ayurvedic Institute with a pulse certification. I am trained in cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, prenatal, Swedish and deep tissue. I received yoga training with Lama Padme (Yvone Jaques) from Padmanjali Yoga Center in Tibetan Heart Yoga.

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